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Feed Grade Ingredients

It’s an exciting time for the pet food industry, and as it continues thriving, at Mely Foods our main goal is to supply our clients with a variety of the highest-quality ingredients to meet their growing needs. Driven by a passion for excellence, we pride ourselves in delivering consistency, traceable sourcing, quality control and safety throughout our entire supply chain.

Interested in learning more about one or more of our products? Contact us! We offer wholesale ingredients at competitive prices, direct from our plant.

Is there a product you need that you don’t see? Reach out to us! Our R&D team is certainly able to develop a sample tailored to your specific needs. 

Organic Sweet Potato Flour.png

Organic Sweet Potato Flour

Sweet Potato Flour.png

Sweet Potato Flour

Butternut Squash Flour.png

Butternut Squash 


Pumpkin Flour.png



Sweet Potato Pellets.png

Sweet Potato Pellets

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